Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's easy being green ...

Oh Kermit the Frog, you lamented being green and blending in with the trees.

What am I getting at? Oh yeah, it's easy to be green.

When I moved over five years ago I would have hopped (obvious frog pun) at the chance to have Frogbox supply boxes for my move.

I remember roving around Costco, which leaves boxes out for people to grab, and ending up with boxes of varying sizes and quality.

Frogbox not only offers convenience for your next move by delivering rugged reusable plastic boxes to your door and picking them up after, but the solace that your recycling box or bin won't be overflowing with cardboard, making it easy to be green.

Alright, to end this post I will string together as many frog puns as I can.

The next time you're jumping from one lily pad to another and you don't want to leap from swamp to swamp to try and find boxes to put the origami frogs you made in elementary school in, go with Frogbox.

Peace out!


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